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Hello Natasha. I recently received a honey cake recipe from long lost relatives in Ukraine. However the recipe calls for I glass of honey! Do you have any idea what measurement that would be here?

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Thanking you for any help. Hi Natasha, Thank you for the recipe. Is the Sour cream necessary for this recipe?

I think it would work with a thick yogurt, like a whole fat Greek yogurt. Regular yogurt would probably be too loose. I made this cake for my husbands birthday. How long does it stay fresh in the refrigerator? I would store it in the fridge since the frosting is dairy based and it will hold up for days. Also, I recommend keeping it covered in the refrigerator so it does not absorb food smells. I have never had honey cake before- it was absolutely delicious! I hope you love it Anne! I make this cake quite often. My layers always come up perfect with no bubbles because I make holes with a folk all over the crust before baking just like I do when I make a pie.

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I hope this little trick will help a lot of folks. Happy baking! Hi Yelena! Flavors and texture were amazing. I could really taste the honey.

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The only problem I encountered was that I somehow ended up with not quite enough dough for eight 9-inch layers, so I made 8-inch layers instead. I am searching for the right recipe of Medovik with sour cream from months and this one is the better I tried. When they taste it, some of my family and friends were asking themselves about the ingredients because the taste was uncommon. But they could not stop eating. Hi Irina, we just take a handful of the crumbs and press it lightly into the sides of the cakes. I would never be able to whisk those eggs fast enough.

I did it in a standing mixer with a whisk attachment on High speed Then changed it to a leaf attachment when I added flour. Cake is amazing!! Hi Natasha, Can you make the layers ahead of time? Hello — have you ever tried this with GF Flour or any alternative flours? If so, which works best? Thank you in advance. Here is an article with some more tips.

I hope this helps! Thank you for the helpful link. I will report back on the results! Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Cake is delish!!! Love your recipes!!! Thank you for sharing that with us! And I had exactly 16 layers and made 1 cake. I used 4 — 16 oz sour creams and 4 cups of powdered sugar and 2 cups of heavy whipping cream. I add a generous amount of frosting between layers and then over and around the cake when all of the layers are put together. While the cake rests, it absorbs much of the cream which softens the layers but yes it is a generous amount of frosting on each layer of cake.

I used an online measure converter which converted 32oz to almost 2 litres, which is what I used. The cake layers absorbed all the liquid even though there was so much. The cake turned out wonderfully, so much so my brother-in-law requested I made one for his 60th birthday party. Thank you for sharing that with us, Simon! Just wanted to point out 32 fluid ounces is.

I think 32oz of sour cream is not right. I used 16 oz sour cream, 1 cup icing sugar, and ml whipping cream and it was plenty and also delicious!! Hi Pat, I used the full 32 oz two 16 oz tubs. It seems like a lot but the cake absorbs the liquid and becomes very soft with all the sour cream. Hey Natasha! Can i make the cake ahead of time and frosting later? If eys, how do i store the cake layers?

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Hi Juweria, I have not tried that with cream cheese so I can not advise. Despite my troubles making the cake yesterday, it turned out perfectly in the end. It was made, at special request, for my brother-in-laws 60th birthday party. I finished it at around midday, we got around to eating at around 10 last night. That was long enough for the cake layers to soften. My cake was one of several choices. There was nothing left of it and I was asked for the recipe by several party goers, and received many compliments.

Thank you for the wonderful review! Hi Natasha I used to bake Medovik long time ago, but lost my original recipe. Tried a couple recipes found online, but they were not the same Medovik i use to love. Then i found your recipe. Simple and delicious! Baked it already 4 or 5 times. I love that!! Thank you Vera!

I made your medovik for a book club recently and everyone was so impressed and just loved it! I mentioned it on my blog. I wanted to make sure you got the credit, and perhaps throw a couple of new readers your way. Hi Rebekah, I would love to see your photos of the cake. What is your blog name?

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Oh sorry! After trying this cake at a Russian restaurant, I went trying to track down a recipe for it—this is what I ended up finding. The layers soaked up the frosting and became soft without becoming soggy, and everyone enjoyed it—although they were also glad that I had gone to the trouble to make it and not them. Thank you for sharing this with us! Can you please, please, please!

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Make a video tutorial on how to easily spread the crumbs around the sides of the cake. Hi Bridgette, For the bread crumbs, I used that little brush in the picture to flick the bread crumbs over the sides. You can also use the parchment paper underneath to flick the crumbs upwards onto the sides of the cake. This is my all time favorite cake!

Its so delicious.